At a point of demanding skill needs for corporate to survive the storm of product based services, and to secure the careers/emi lives of associates, who have spent decades on service based IT/ITES services/jobs, it’s time that L&D & Talent Transformation Heads think responsibly and act responsibly in making right decisions to upskill associates. Layoffs in the name of lower margins or losses shouldn’t be a reason to dump them after putting them through irresponsible usage for past couple of decades. Upskilling is the only saviour. Identifying right future skill tracks, right platforms and enabling them is the only way of survival for service based ecosystem. It’s not a time to showcase self egos to claim intelligence in running L&D. It’s time to accept external solutioning from pioneers and act responsible. Practice oriented skilling is the only solution for surviving this storm. It’s life of lakhs of EMI associates. So act today. There’s no time at all. Skill needs are changing at a drastic pace.

AI & Automation are too dangerous than we think. I was taken aback when we created an AI/Automation product for our client in just 3 months time which could swallow 90% of jobs in BGV segment. Although it was business as usual for us in creating ML and AI algorithms, this disturbs me a lot. Alas! AI and Automation products are really going to trouble careers of many.

Another troubling number is the niche skill availability in India. It stands at 0.3% as on day. This metric is based on our recruitment assessments that we conduct for various corporate clients.

Fast Track Scale up ratio through upskilling of experienced associates is 24%. This means out of every 100 associates, only 24 could assimilate a fast track upskilling.

Slow/Longer Track Scale up ratio stands at 35%. Average Performers percentage is at 20%. Disinterested or Challenged associates percentage is 30%. Plagiarism is at 15%.

It’s Real Challenging times for Corporates and Associates. Make right decisions in Skilling & Talent Transformation. Future is AI Driven.

Dr. R. Pradeep Kumar
Co-Founder &
Chief Innovation Officer
Amphisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd