Learning is always a continuous process, either for students, teaching professional or anyone. When it’s the responsibility to teach others is on the head, then it becomes more important. In those scenarios, Faculty Development Programs plays a crucial role.

These days there is a necessity of continuous learning in all the professions. With the advancement of technology, keeping a track of all the updates is a must. From Doctors to Architects, Engineers to Professor, everyone is keen and try to move on with the current advancements in every field. So, to enhance the education system, FDP was launched.

This article will describe the Role of FDPs in improving teaching and learning. Along with that, you will also learn about the benefits of Faculty development programs.

Before going deep into the topic, let us understand, what is FDP?

What is FDP?

FDP denotes Faculty Development Program, which provides training to improve the performance of the faculty of higher education. The program is designed specially in a way, where the teaching profession would be able to cope up with the current increasing demands of technology, medical facilities, healthcare enhancements, embedded and integrated technology and many more. Institutions faculty should be confident and prepared enough to survive with the upcoming changes in the field.

The Faculty Development Programs have been successfully implemented in various institutions and have given enhance skills to regular professors. Currently, Faculty Development Programs has become an important part to educate the most efficient and vital profession of teaching. Faculty Developments Programs are not for a single field as mentioned earlier. You can see them in different fields.

After going through the Faculty Training Program, it has proved that Faculty comes out with better knowledge along with creative and managerial skills. This was just an outline about what is FDP? There is a lot more to know about the FDP, its importance, the role that FDP has played in the faculties on successful completion of the Faculty Development Program.

Have a look over why the FDPs have turned to be so important? And the Faculty Development program has made significant in the improvement of teaching and learning phase.

Why the Faculty Development program is important? Role of FDP in learning and teaching

Till now, you might get an idea about what is FDP and importance of FDP in improving teaching and learning precisely. Now, let’s dive deeper into the topic to learn more about why the faculty development program is important? And the role of FDP in learning and teaching.

Firstly, have a glance over why FDP is important.

Emerging Technologies and Enhancements:

First and foremost, thing is to make the faculty more skilled and updated in all the new enhancements, versions or latest technologies or advancement in the medical facilities or into the respective fields.

A Computer Science faculty needs to be updated about the latest release and versions of software or application. When we look into an Electrical and electronics department, the professor or the faculty should be having wise knowledge over sensors, processors and other emerging technologies. Similarly, a faculty person from a medical facility should be able to have proper clinical research knowledge, utilizing the medical equipment and so on.

These are few of the fields that have been mentioned here, there are many more streams having their own improvements in their respective field. Now, the question arises here, when there are a lot of improvements going on it becomes a necessity for the faculty to learn new emerging technologies.

But learning new technology is not easy, it comes with various interrelated subjects which at times could be difficult for the professor to learn by themselves and educate the students. Under this situation getting trained in Faculty Development Programs becomes helpful, since this training is provided by industry or domain expert.

In return, the faculty would be able to learn and provide proper knowledge to students. This is one of the vital points on why the faculty development program is important.

Promotion of Faculty:

Yes, Faculty Development programs are helpful in getting promotion on successful completion of the training for the trained professor. Along with providing proper education in the institution, it is also important for Faculty to make their hand dirty in the research and innovation labs of the institution.

There are R&D labs, Innovation labs and other research-related labs in a various institution. So, the contribution of faculty towards the research and innovation would definitely add an extra standard or recognition to the professor. Training provided through the Faculty Development Program will encourage the faculty to be more the enthusiast and implement them. Hence, this could be helping the professor to show interest in learn more and implement more. In a direct or an indirect way, the faculty members would be applying the learning’s that are not part of their syllabus or tasks.  This would lead to the promotion of the Faculty.

Applying more technology and creativity in the teaching process:

It has been a known fact that most of the students acquire knowledge when taught practically, rather than theoretically. When the faculties are well trained there, training knowledge is going to help them in implementing their learned classes.

As a faculty being in a teaching profession along with creativity is going to help the students to learn in more ease and creative way. The faculty would be able to help the students while any shortcomings, or any integration related issue in the engineering field or clinical chemical combinations related problems in the medicine and healthcare field.

If the faculty was not trained in the Faculty Development Program, then the faculty might have faced issues in resolving the issue and the problems faced by the students. Faculty could learn himself the latest technologies, but he might go through difficulties during integration or certain research in respective fields or engineering and medicine. This is definitely the key point which shows the importance of the Faculty Development Program.

Appointment patterns of Faculty:

In recent times it’s found that only teaching experience or subject related knowledge is not sufficient for a faculty to get hired. It has been a mix and match of all the better teaching and learning qualities for a professor to get hired. Most of the universities preferred modern teaching pattern professor rather than the traditional approach of chalk and blackboard. Universities and Institutions are looking for faculty who can inspire the students to excel better.

With the advancement of technology, students are as well keeping themselves at par with latest improvements or enhancements made in the respective fields of course. So, while appointing a faculty for an institution or university, they make sure that Faculty has added an extra knowledge over the subject along with the latest updates. And when the faculty has undergone training in Faculty Development Program, then this becomes an added and highlighted the reason for the Faculty to stand out among the crowd and bag the offer.

Interaction with other institution faculties:

Usually, FDPs are conducted commonly along with other institutions faculties attending the training. Sharing a common training room along with fellow faculty members would help them to learn more about their respective institutions teaching culture and all.

Faculty Development Programs will be helpful in refreshing their learning patterns and implement the same in teaching as well.  Each institution has a different methodology for implementing its teaching patterns.

Interacting with other faculty members of the institution would be helpful in collaborating and exchanging ideas and opinions, this would be a learning for the trained faculties. Attending and interacting is going to help in expanding organizational goals. FDP will also help in interaction with higher officials in the respective streams and exploring more.

Wrap up

These are the main important roles and reasons for FDPs in teaching and learning. Similarly, each field has a different training program syllabus or schedule.

So, if you want to be a faculty whose main goal is to give advanced teaching experience to students, then attending Faculty Development Program is going to be added advantage.

Encouragement from institutions, colleges should be provided to faculties to get trained. This is going to help both institution and teaching staff to explore and implement the learnings in their day to day schedule.

These important points can also be treated as the benefits of Faculty development program because they are useful.

Now, as professor or teacher once should get updates on all the latest versions & technologies to mainly give their best while teaching to the students.

Faculty Development Programs have proved to be effective in both learning and teaching for students and faculty. It’s a good initiation to join the training program and explore all the advantages of the training program.

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This is all about the role of the faculty development program or FDP in teaching. If you have any sort of queries regarding this program, then do let us know in the comments section.