Do you think you have the necessary skill set to rack up in the placement stream? Well, it doesn’t matter if you are a class topper or a dropout anymore. The industry expects you to supply their demands. You should be capable of handling their ever-growing requirements like a pro. The best E-learning companies in India will be able to help you with that from the start till forever (There is no end in learning)

A mere engineering degree is not going to suffice anymore. You need to upskill yourself through ELearning. Say goodbye to depending on theoretical courses. Say yes to Online education in India!

There are numerous E-Learning benefits you can achieve through these Online education courses.

What are the most vital E-learning benefits?

The most important factor that sets these E-learning companies in India apart is the course syllabus is updated with reference to the industry requirements. These courses are known to act as a bridge between the college students and the company. They get to earn all the skills they require to shine in the corporate sky! Some of the other E-learning benefits include:

•    Practice-oriented learning through online education courses

•    Industry recognized certifications

•    Training by industry experts and effective e-learning tools

•    Anytime, anywhere learning, thanks to online education courses

•    Tech-enabled methodologies to learn

You get to complete your final year project by yourself (No more outsourcing required)

At present, the most trending buzzword among students and industry personnel’s is “Python.” The interesting fact is Google itself uses Python for its various applications. To level up your skills, why not opt for a Python crash course from E-Box academy? Yes, we provide you with a Free Python training for 3 days. Our advanced e-learning tools can take up your career track to the heights.

When you complete it, your fundamental knowledge of Python concepts would get stronger than ever! The best way to learn python is through coding rather than depending on theoretical books alone. Hence we rely on Practice-oriented approach. You can easily learn Python 3 by enabling our Skill-based learning.

Importance of Python

According to Wikipedia, there are over 700 programming languages in the world. Among them, Python has survived successfully for 25 years in the industry. Reasons? Simple-to-code, supporting many programming paradigms, compatibility with different platforms, backup by a stronger community and robust library are some of the supporting clauses to use Python. We believe that the best way to learn Python is by working on a real-time project. Through our Free Python training, you can master the language to the core. We are unique among the E-learning companies in India for the level of training we provide.

Applications of Python

This language finds its applications in various niches such as IoT, Software development, 3D Graphics, CAD Applications and Robotics. Even though Python is a programming language, it is broadly in use by Mathematicians and Statisticians to convert a pile of data into real-time statistics. Learning Python can put your career up in the ladder! You can open the doorknob for different career streams with our Python crash course! When you enrol yourself in Online education courses, you get to work on these applications in real-time.

What are the job opportunities available after you complete your Python crash course?

The importance of Python is slowly coming into light. Students have started to take up Python courses right from their school days. Gone are those days when you have to depend on your academic curriculum to get the necessary industry skillset! In fact, the current academic syllabus is outdated. The world is rotating at a faster pace! If you are eager to learn Python 3, you are in the right place! Once you complete our Free Python training, you can get placed at the top MNCs.

How much do Python developers earn?

Python developers are also one of the highest paid individuals. According to Payscale, the average salary for a Python Developer is Rs. 501,987 on a yearly basis.

If you are checking websites like Naukri and Indeed, you would find 20,000+ job vacancies for Python developers. It’s proof that Python developers are in demand insatiably. That’s the reason why Python E-learning tools are the hot cake currently! Taking up Python crash course can come handy in bagging your dream job.

About our Python crash course

We provide an all-in-one, simplified and free Python training for students of varied profile. We do not restrict ourselves with the age group of our students. In fact, age is just a number when you have the curiosity and interest to learn Python 3. Through our free Python training, students would experience the best way to learn Python.

We believe in embracing the modern methodologies to learn Python 3. When you take up our Python crash course, you will get to learn the A-Z of Python via our free Python training. Have a look at some of the E-learning benefits that our free Python training can offer:

•    Students will understand what the corporate expects from them

•    Advanced level of free Python training

•    Gaining corporate exposure

•    Improved Problem-solving skills

•    Training by Python experts who are developers by profession

•    Providing school students with engineering experience

•    Reskilling and upskilling themselves

•    Powerful Auto-evaluation

•    A strong foundation to fundamentals

We have trained up over 3,50,000 students with our 100+ courses. They are placed at various companies including Amazon, Infosys, Zoho, TCS and CTS.

Get to know what our students have to say about our Free Python training:

R.Aadit Krishnaa is a smart and enthusiastic student with a passion for programming. He is pursuing his 10th standard at PSG Public school. He thanked us for the course and remarked that it laid the foundation for his career.

“Learning at E-Box was very useful and special. It taught me basics in programming and laid the foundation for my career. It taught me the world of CS and transformed me into an innovative human Being. Learning at E-Box made me understand the complex nature of programming. Thank you very much E-Box the thing that has impressed me the most in the auto-evaluation thing and it is a very good idea to quickly know our results.”

These are his words!

P.Harini, who is pursuing BE ECE at Bannari Amman College of Technology told us that she was not 100% sure until she attended the training. But after that, she was in awe of our elegant teaching during our free Python training. She told us that she learnt plenty of things and that has provided her with an aspiration to continue to learn Python 3 in an advanced manner.

We have a young prodigy who tells us about his experience with Python crash course and free Python training. He is 14 with strong willpower to learn Python 3. Watch this video!


Students appreciated the level of expertise showed by Mr Perichiappan, who is working as a Senior Research Engineer at Amphisoft and Mr Sivarama Krishnan, the CTO of Amphisoft technologies.

What can you do after you complete the free Python training?

Once you are done with the Python crash course, you can advance your skillset to a high-end level with our comprehensive E-learning tools. After you complete the free Python training, you can upgrade your membership to premium. We have an exciting offer for you! Get access to any courses you are interested in at Rs.5999. You would be eligible for placements. In a nutshell, you are going to be industry ready when you complete the course.

Students can come out of the cocoon of pedagogy driven learning ecosystem and enter the world of practice-oriented campuses.

They will be able to understand industry terminologies and develop their own applications. With our powerful auto-evaluation engine, they can accurately evaluate themselves. Machines would be handling the assessments and evaluation processes. Hence students and faculty can spend that time on research and other career development activities.

A great faculty is capable of producing 100s of great students. Hence we provide faculty-based training to help faculties update themselves with the latest skills. The online education courses are changing the style we learn! Faculties can get their learning troops ready with our E-learning courses!

With our online education courses, we are set to revolutionise online education in India. We are also taking forward our legacy globally through our E-learning courses. We are proudly one of the best E-learning companies in India.

Strike the iron when it’s hot! Get the best out of the E-learning benefits!

Upskill yourself with our Free Python training and upgrade to premium courses to reach the advanced level of knowledge. You can conquer the world if you have the right set of knowledge and skillset in your hand! Keep learning and keep rocking like a star!

You can be proud that you have all the skills mentioned in the Job description for Python developers.

The right skillsets are important for a right career and a job. Start your career journey with our free Python training. Contact our team to know more about our Python crash course.